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September 15, 2021

Killer Combinations in Poker Used by Pros

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Are you are poker player, and you are still stuck with the basic strategies? We have unveiled hand combinations common among pro players, and they can help you make a fortune while playing poker games.

Killer Combinations in Poker Used by Pros

Playing poker with a strategy in mind can help you rake in winnings. But before planning to use any strategy, you need to be aware of the possible plays. Since card games have existed for many decades, pro players have studied the game over the years. As a result, there exist several tactics that can improve the chances of winning.

Coming up with a proper plan to win in a card game involves studying the cards. When using the standard 52 deck card, it is possible to use your knowledge of the cards to predict how every hand will play out.

All the Possible Starting Hand Combinations

Four sets of combinations are possible when the dealer hands out cards from the standard 52 card deck. Keep in mind that the deck has 13 suits and 4 ranks. Below are the possible hand combinations:

  • 16 unpaired hand combinations
  • 12 combinations of each unpaired off-suit hand
  • 4 combinations of each suited hand
  • 6 combinations of pocket pairs

In total, 1326 total combinations can be dealt with at the pre-flop of each game.

The Strongest Pre-Flop Hand Combos

From the above list, chances of the dealer handing you an off-suit hand are three times that of being given a suited hand. As such, having a suited pair at the start puts you ahead of the game.

Landing a flush at pre-flop rarely happens. But in case you do get a flush, consider yourself very lucky. Remember, a flush puts you in a good position to counter any hand regarded as tough to beat.

In summary, you are better off standing against a flush with a suited hand than an off-suit hand.

Hand Combinations with Blockers in Post-Flop

Blockers are cards that are visible to players. If you know a few of the cards, you can rule out some combinations and focus on the possible ones. Sometimes blocker cards may be missing in post-flop. In such as case, the possible combinations in pre-flop apply.

Using Hand Combinations with the Top Pair

If you can see a card you need to complete a pair on the table, you have fewer chances of making that hand. That also applies to your opponents. Knowing this, you can narrow down how the game will play out with higher accuracy.

Hand Combinations of Flush Draws

Flush draws confuse many players. In the real sense, they are simple to figure out. All you need is to employ the right math skills and keep a straight head. On the standard deck, you have 55 combos of possible flush draws at most. That is assuming your opponent played 8♣3♣ and Q♣2♣ in the pre-flop. When block cards come into play, the number of possible flushes reduce to 30. And if you can read your opponent's range correctly, you can reduce the possible flush to around 15 hand combinations


To become a pro player in card games, you need to practice and perfect some hand combinations discussed above. They might seem a bit complex initially, but you will know them by heart after a few rounds on the poker table.

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